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The embodiment of a modern woman today – chic, playful and elegant – the simple sophistication of Blush captures a youthful spirit to timeless design. Worn independently or stacked combined, the delicacy of each design represents a fresh approach to everlasting style.

Express yourself in detail:

Simple Unaffected, delicate, not complex, nor grand.
Playful A fun, youthful spirit
Chic Effortlessly stylish with allure
Elegant Refined taste and style



Introducing the new collection for Blush; the essence of beautifully detailed and simple design in 14-carat gold and zirconia.

Featuring a diverse collection of delicately fine rings, each one with a subtle difference, which can be worn on the finger in countless combinations or simply worn on their own.

Necklaces can be worn with pendants of any choice.